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Great Box delivering power and flexibility

The 7 5700U is a perfect box in power versus energy consumtion. All the expansion possibilities and the brand new hardware is incredible good fit. The AMD internal graphics card is absolutely insane. The noise level is acceptable, but not perfect. The device gets almost never warm or even hot, therefore I think the cooling system could be even more quiet.
Peter Stehlik


The computer is very fast, the processor is very strong,

I usually mainly used for basic office, with the natural noise is not much, and the follow-up can also be their own transformation to strengthen the cooling, can change a lot of places, playability is very high, the follow-up can also be external graphics card to play, the overall cost performance is okay, I do not know if the power adapter can be changed. Hard to solve 4k movies without pressure, for me can use quite a long time without any problems.
Dudnytskyi exs


S500+ Mini PC is amazing.

Received on time. Everything is as described. I added 32Gb of RAM and WD Black SSD. Windows 10 PRO loads fast and fan is barely noticeable. Customer service is great and they kept me informed about package location at all times. I ordered barebone device but WiFi card was still included which is nice even though I plan on using wired network.


Morefine S500+ 5900HX Mini PC is GREAT for Computer Labs

My team has been successful in using this compact and powerful computer for challenging AI, Video Processing and Network experiments. The strength of powerful subcompact computers is game changing!
Glen Berndt


This is an excellent Mini PC for the price and performance

Got my unit on today and it delivers on the power and speed. Nice looking and tiny. One small niggle was the fan noise (maybe I’m spoiled by my Series X), but after adjusting the fan curve from the BIOS it’s pretty spot on (totally quiet when watching youtube, but kicks up and keeps the temperatures in check when gaming).
Vikram DG


I again found myself impressed

Thank you for fast delivery of this very powerful mini PC. I will recommend this PC to all my friends.
Kevin Hancock

Wednesday, Feb 9, 2022

It’s small and easy to move it anywhere.

Finally i'm satisfy with the purchase. No issues at all. I think they will do very very well.
Witold Szymczak

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Morefine S500 + 5700U mini PC

The mini pc is very beautifull, very powerfull and the temperature are always so low also if it is under heavy loads, so the fan is very litle noisy. The only problem for me was the internet connection, unfortunaly i can't use ethernet connection so i have to use wifi connection, but inside the mini pc network speed was very low so i bought a mini usb wireless ricever so now it works great. Beautifull product.
Riccardo Guadagnini


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