What Kind Of Graphics Card Is AMD Radeon Graphics?

This is a type of integrated graphics card, which is a core graphics card that comes with the processor.


AMD core (set) has a variety of models, generally named Vega11, Vega8, Vega7, Vega3, followed by a number representing the number of stream processor groups in the core, for example, Vega8 has 8 groups of stream processors, with 64 stream processors in each group.

  • Integrated graphics card performance:

 Integrated graphics card is the display chip, memory and its related circuitry are integrated on the motherboard, with its integrated components; integrated graphics card display chip has a separate, but most are integrated in the motherboard's North Bridge chip; some motherboard integrated graphics card is also installed separately on the motherboard memory, but its capacity is small, integrated graphics card display effect and processing performance is relatively weak, can not be hardware upgrades to the graphics card, but you can adjust the frequency through CMOS or brush into the new BIOS file to achieve software upgrades to tap the potential of the display chip.

  • The advantages of integrated graphics:

low power consumption, low heat, the performance of some integrated graphics has been comparable to the entry-level discrete graphics, so do not have to spend extra money to buy a discrete graphics card.

  • Disadvantages of integrated graphics:

Relatively low performance, and cured on the motherboard or CPU, itself can not be replaced, if you have to change, you can only change the motherboard.

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