Intel Arc A770 Graphics Card In GB5 Platform Exposure

Intel just released the Arc Series. However, they have only released graphics cards for mobile devices, but no official release date has been announced for the desktop.  

Recently, a device named "Intel Arc A770 Graphics" was featured on Geekbench 5. This device is most likely the flagship Arc A770 Graphics card, running the OpenCL benchmark score and showing some hardware parameters. 

The test platform is based on coffee-Lake i5-9600K. According to sources, this is a commonly used test platform for Intel, which is often used by internal staff for internal testing, possibly for final performance scoring and verification.  

According to hardware information, the Arc A770 graphics card is equipped with acM-G10 Core, 32 XE-core, and 512 computing units.  The core frequency is 2.4ghz, and the video memory is 12.7GB.  Geekbench says this is a software read error and could actually be 16GB of GDDR6 video memory.  

The Arc A770 scored 85,585 points in the OpenCL benchmark. This result is only stronger than the RTX 2070, and is a little far from the performance of the previously exposed positioning RTX 3070.

Words From Morefine:

The Arc desktop graphics card has finally made an appearance, and it looks like it's not doing well. However, OpenCL tests only measure the computing power of the graphics card, and can not be regarded as a theoretical performance and game performance. After looking at the performance tests of Arc graphics cards on mobile terminals, we are still very optimistic about the theoretical performance of the Arc A770.

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