The Intel i9-12900KS Overclocking World Record Reached 7.8GHz

Intel has boosted the i9-12900KS 's large core acceleration frequency to 5.5ghz. However, in the eyes of extreme overclocked gamers, this was nothing, surpassing 7.45ghz on launch day.

Tom's Hardware got up to 14 i9-12900Ks. It took six hours and 70 liters of liquid nitrogen to set a new world record of 7.8GHz. Crucially, this was done with all eight cores on, unlike Japanese players who only had two cores on to get to 7.5ghz. Of course, the hyperthreads are all closed.

The main board used for overclocking is The Chinese Engine Z690 Aqua OC, with two Trident Z5 DDR5 Splave Editions installed.

When tested, one of them could only exceed 5.3GHz, 13 of them could exceed 5.4GHz, and three could exceed 5.5GHz. The best reached 7.8GHz, which did not change the external frequency or 100MHz, doubled the frequency directly pulled to 78x.

Cpu-z shows that the core voltage is only 1.305V, which is not sure whether it is accurate.

Compared with the 7.6GHz overclocking record of i9-12900K, another 200MHz higher

CineBench tests consistently run at the highest frequency of 7.1GHz, 200MHz higher than the i9-12900k. He has also created 15 new world records in CineBench, GeekBench, XTU, PiFast, SuperPI, wPrime and other events. CineBench R23 has a single-core run score of 2820.

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