What Is A Full Functioned Type C Port On Laptop

Full-function Type-c interface, not only can realize fast charging, but also can connect to expansion dock, adapter, screen projection and other functions. The Type-C port doesn't take up much space and is powerful, making it a real addition to a light laptop.

We learned that we needed a TCPC chip. TCPC stands for USB Type-C Port Controller. TCPC is a functional control module, including VBUS and VCONN power control, USB TYPE-C CC logic, USB PD communication BMC physical layer and some protocol layer, etc.

Since USB-C port, USB PD and other fast charging protocols are just launched in recent years. Therefore, the SOC or MCU introduced before must not integrate USB PD, QC and other protocols, nor support the logical recognition function of USB Type-C. USB Type-C port fast charging and HD audio and video transmission cannot be realized. The realization of fast charging and HD audio and video transmission depends on the recognition of USB Type-C and the communication of relevant protocols.

Then these SOC or MCU will face the elimination of the market and waste of resources. To develop new SOC or MCU integrated with USB PD, QC, etc., the development cycle is long and the cost is high enough to stop many original chip factories. And devices that require multiple USB-C ports (Apple's Macbook Pro, for example, has four) complicate development. So is there an easy solution to the above dilemma? The answer is yes, that is to use TCPC chips.

Is Type C faster than USB

No, first of all, it depends on whether the device charging support supports the fast charging protocol. If both are supported, Type C is relatively fast because it is not affected by current, while Micro USB is affected by maximum current and is slower.

The charging speed has nothing to do with the interface type. The key is whether the device and charger support the fast charge protocol. Like copper wire and optical fiber, data can be transmitted, but you can't directly compare which transmission block

Charging heads also matter: Micro USB's maximum current is 2A, so micro chargers are typically 5V2A or 9V2A or 12v1.5a; Type C supports higher currents

What kind of phone uses Type C charging cable

Type-c data cable interface is suitable for Samsung GALAXYS10, iPhone11, huawei P30, oneplus 7 and other mobile phones. This specification data line transmission speed is fast and stable.

Type-c is a hardware interface specification of universal serial bus. The new interface features a thinner design, faster transmission rates (up to 50Gbps) and more powerful power transmission (up to 100W). Type-c transfer interface can bring users better sound quality transmission effect. There is also a very convenient point, is the charger connector can be inserted at will, no shape requirements.

Benefits of using Type-C charging interface:
1. The power supply. The usBType-C port's default 5V power supply is backward compatible with previous USB ports, meaning it can provide a minimum of 5W of charging power.
2. Symmetrical connections. The usBType-C interface is symmetric, so the plug, remove, and cable direction can be positive or negative.
3. The broadband. USBType -c Supports data transmission rates of USB2.0, USB3.1Genl, and USB3.1Gen2.
4. Configure channels. The USBType -c interface contains two channel configuration signal pins for function negotiation.
5. Non-usb signal transmission. Usbtype-c supports multiple OEM product customization modes to expand device functions.

What is the best Type C charger

Gallium nitride is a material that is probably not well known at the moment, after all, it is mainly found in aerospace and military fields. It (GaN) is a compound of nitrogen and gallium, and is one of the third generation semiconductor materials, which is very promising at present.
Because of the high cost of this material, so far it has not been seen in daily life. However, since 2019, manufacturers have combined gallium nitride with chargers, and now more and more people are using gallium nitride chargers. It costs more than traditional silicon chargers, but it has too many advantages. Such as:

Small in size and light in weight: At the same power, the gallium nitride charger is much smaller and lighter than the brick laptop adapter. One is the size of a hand, weighing a few dozen to a hundred grams, while the other is about two hands, weighing up to 1kg.
Large power: more applicable fast charging protocols. At present, the common power of gallium nitride chargers is 45W, 65W, 100W, 120W, etc. Although different brands and models support different fast charging protocols, generally speaking, common protocols can cover them. So buy one and use it for your phone, iPad, PC, NS, etc.
Multi - ports, can satisfy multi - equipment charging at the same time. Generally, multi-port gallium nitride chargers provide less charging power for each port when charging at the same time. If you only buy them for your laptop, the single-port charger will be enough. Otherwise, other devices will take part of the power, resulting in longer charging time.
Safe, fast heat dissipation: High thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance and good heat dissipation are all physical characteristics of gallium nitride, which are also the main factors that make it safer than silicon chargers.

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