AMD Zen5 Ryzen 8000 Exposure


Although AMD Fans are waiting for the 5nm Zen 4 Ryzen 7000 processor at ease. In fact, the development of the next generation architecture Zen5 has long been underway.

In a video uploaded on AMD's official Youtube back in 2018, Mike Clark, the father of the Zen architecture and chief designer, first revealed that the team had begun Zen5 development. Zen+ hadn't even officially debuted at the time.

The following year, David Suggs, one of the main designers of Zen 2 and an AMD Corporate Fellow, mentioned in his personal profile that he had joined the Zen 5 team to helm the development and design. In October of that year, AMD CTO Mark Papermaster confirmed to the public that Zen 4 and Zen 5 were being developed independently by different teams.

Since they do not interfere with each other, it seems logical that there are huge differences in the underlying architecture.

RedGamingTech gave details of Zen 5's scores in its latest revelation, including the first hybrid architecture of large and small cores similar to Intel's 12th gen Core, where the Ryzen 9 series is purely large cores, corresponding to the Ryzen 8000 desktop CPU up to 32 cores, etc.

In terms of performance, the IPC increase of Zen 4 over Zen 3 is around 19%, while Zen 5 is actually going up to 30% over Zen 4, which can be quite scary.

In addition, Zen 5 completely reconfigures the cache part, and the capacity of L1, L2 and L3 will all be increased significantly.

Though the release of Zen 5 does not have a clear point in time yet,  considering that Intel will iterate 13 generation Core Raptor Lake in the second half of the year. Followed by 14 generation Core Metoer Lake next year, this is bound to accelerate the development process of AMD's competitor, we'll see what happens.


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