Global Chip Shipments Are Expected To Grow 9.2% In 2022


IC Insights, a market research firm, released its latest report, saying 391.8 billion chips will be shipped globally in 2021, up 21.6% year on year. IC Shipments are expected to reach 427.7 billion units in 2022, up 9.2% year on year, setting a new high.

Growth in 2021 has already hit a ten-year high. However, as the economic and social demand for semiconductors continues to grow, the industry economy is still strong. IC Insights expects chip shipments to grow at a compound rate of 7% from 2021 to 2026.

This means that growth will continue at a relatively low rate.

According to IC Insights, global chip shipments this year will reach 44 times that of 1980.

In terms of product categories, only SRAM, DSP and Gate Array chip shipments declined, while the other 30 chip categories will maintain growth.

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