Samsung Plans To Halt The Development Of 12nm DRAM


According to a report by BusinessKorea, Samsung has set a target of completing the development of the 11nm sixth generation 1c DRAM chip by June this year. The company is said to have asked its researchers to stop or skip development of 1B DRAM, a 12-nanometer chip.

Earlier, it was reported that Samsung has discontinued the development of 12-13nm process level memory, indicating that Samsung 13nm level memory is an indirect admission of failure.

Samsung is hoping to widen the technology gap with rivals including SK Hynix and Micron Technology, the report said. Moreover, this isn't the first time Samsung has abandoned some stages of DRAM development to move up the ladder. Previously, Samsung abandoned mass production of 28-nanometer DRAM and focused on 25-nanometer DRAM.

Industry experts believe that producing 11-nanometer DRAM will not be an easy task for Samsung as it requires advanced technology. However, according to BusinessKorea, Samsung wants to find a way. They are under great pressure to develop 1c DRAM before it is completed, as it lags behind its two competitors in mass production of 1A DRAM.

The memory process has different generation methods after 20nm node, 1x, 1Y, 1Z was used before, and then 1a, 1B, 1C process. However, the actual process of Samsung, SK Hynix and Micron three memory giants is not entirely like this, sometimes published or number + nm naming.

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