TSMC 2nm Chips Will Be In Production By 2025


TSMC said in its first-quarter conference call on April 14 that it was going all-out to develop next-generation chip manufacturing processes. The semiconductor giant now plans to mass-produce 3nm chips in the second half of this year. Its 2nm process chips could go into production as early as 2025.

In this conference call, TSMC CEO Wei Zhe jia responded to two questions. One is TSMC's response to inflation and the overall economic situation. Mr Wei replied that TSMC, as the world's leading contract manufacturer, was able to cope with market volatility.

The second is the timetable of TSMC 2nm process nodes. Wei zhejia said that his company's 2nm process is under development, and he is confident that the 2nm process will remain the technology leader. Pre-production will begin in 2024 and production will begin in 2025.

It is reported that TSMC will use GAA FET(full surround gate transistor) instead of finFET (finFET) in the 2nm process. Samsung is taking a more aggressive approach to compete with TSMC and will use GAA technology at 3nm. In order to provide customers with the most mature technology, the best efficiency and the best cost, TSMC conservatively chooses finFET technology to produce 3nm process chips.

TSMC predicts that HPC (high performance computing) will be its fastest growing segment this year. HPC accounted for 41 per cent of its revenues last quarter, only slightly more than the 40 per cent generated by smartphones. The Internet of Things and cars ranked third and fourth with 8% and 5% of revenue, respectively.

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