What Is The Best RAM Brand?

RAM is one of the indispensable parts in the computer. It is the bridge of communication with CPU. So the performance of memory has a very big impact on the computer. 

What is the best RAM brand for some beginner computer enthusiasts? Probably listening to Kingston or ADATA the most. There are a lot of memory brands out there, so here's MOREFINE's list of the current memory brands:

1. Kingston

Kingston Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is one of the top 10 memory card brands in the United States since 1987. It is the largest independent memory module manufacturer in the world and has a reputation for providing superior quality memory products. Memory modules and flash cards come with a lifetime warranty. To ensure the quality of all components, all modules are tested at every stage of production.


ADATA was established in May 2001 by Mr. Chen Libai, chairman and CEO. The company has achieved excellent operating performance with high growth in performance and profits. At the beginning of the business, DRAM modules were the main product line. Later, with an eye to the increasing application of flash memory, we invested in the development of flash application products.

3. Corsair

Corsair is one of the largest memory suppliers in the world. It is the world's most respected overclocked memory manufacturer and OEM partner of many world-renowned computer manufacturers. Corsair is the most experienced memory manufacturer in designing high-performance memory. It understands the importance of every detail, rigorous record length control memory, impedance control, clock recording design, continuous power supply and high sensitivity of gold plated pins.


Samsung Group is South Korea's largest conglomerate, a subsidiary of Sumitomo Mitsui (Mitsui Consortium), as well as a large multinational conglomerate. Samsung Group is a family business, inherited by the Lee family, and its founder, Lee Byung-chul, served as its first chairman. Samsung's businesses are family-owned and managed by other members of the family.

5. Apacer

Apacer is a leading brand of innovative memory modules for a wide range of digital media applications as well as digital data reading and sharing. Apacer understands the importance of digital data storage and replication and is constantly developing and optimizing digital storage solutions.


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